Paint Expo

26 – 29 April 2022 Karlsruhe, Germany

We are really looking forward to the Paint Expo in Karlsruhe!

This edition we would like to introduce a revolutionary new product that provides extra corrosion resistance and improved paint adhesion: MM31. Developed for coating companies.

By rubbing or spraying MM31 over the product, you create an organic coating that improves the protection against corrosion and creates a paint adhesion layer for organic coatings. Extensive tests according to international standards have been carried out to verify the effects of  MM31. The results exceed market standards such as Qualicoat, Qualisteelcoat and GSB. MM31 also meets all paint adhesion tests including cross hatch, cooking test, impact test and dolly test.

As a valued customer of AD International, we sincerely invite you to a free visit to our exhibition booth. Please register below to receive a free ticket to the Paint Expo.

We look forward to meeting you (again) at the Paint Expo!