Customer Specific Solutions

  • Customer Specific Solutions  – meeting your needs without compromise 

By using a modular system AD can tailor its products to create Customer Specific Solutions.

AD has a wide range of customized products for worldwide manufacturers and processors of steel that seek a pre-treatment, passivation or TOC. These products were developed in close conjunction with clients.

In our dedicated Research & Development division, we continually explore cutting-edge chemical treatment technologies. This commitment ensures that we provide the best (chromefree) metal treatment solutions today and anticipate future needs.

Are you unable to find the ideal solution in our existing product range? Or do you need other performance aspects in your specific process? No problem. From a small customization to a completely new product development, the sales and R&D team at AD is focused on your specific requirements. You can count on us: we have extensive technical expertise available and an extremely flexible approach. We will work with you at every stage of the project to develop your own process solution when required.

Contact us, and our technical team will deliver solutions precisely tailored to your needs! Your advantages include a product aligned with your chemical process requirements and a knowledgeable partner offering outstanding technical service.

Your advantages

  • A product tailored to the needs of your chemical process
  • A knowledgeable partner with outstanding technical service

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