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  • Certification for chemical pre-treatment applicators
  • Applicators that excel in chemical pre-treatment
  • Meeting high quality standards, including various quality labels (QualiCoat, QualiSteel and GSB)

The chemical pre-treatment is a crucial factor in the coating process of metal products. Proper chemical pre-treatment lays a good foundation for a long product lifetime.


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With the AD Chemicals Qualification training program, AD trains applicators to become true masters in the chemical pre-treatment process, specifically tailored to meet the customer-specific business process within the applicator. This means that applicators are fully in control of their process and can meet the strict requirements of various quality labels and market standards. This enables applicators to exceed the market standard.

Chromium-free pre-treatment

AD Chemicals has been one of the forerunners in the market in chromium (VI) free applications for over 15 years. High-quality chromium VI-free pre-treatment systems have been created through a highly trained R&D team, extensive (in-house) field tests and a continuous focus on process improvement. Which in terms of corrosion protection and paint adhesion perform comparable or better than chromium-containing systems.

The alternative chromium VI free systems are more dependent on the right surface conditions making good managing of the process more critical resulting in stricter pre-treatment requirements. To assure you of the highest quality chemical pre-treatment result, we award the AD Chemicals Qualification to outstanding applicators who have proven to be masters of the process.

AD Chemicals Qualification

With the AD Chemicals Qualification program, applicators prove that they comply with AD procedures for the treatment of metal surfaces. If you have products coated by certified applicators, you are assured that the (end) products have received a chemical pre-treatment that meet or exceed the existing quality in the field of paint adhesion and corrosion protection. Ofcourse, the products meet the highest market standards such as Qualicoat, QualiSteelcoat and GSB.

Depending on the chemical pre-treatment, we issue the following certificates:

  • AD Chemicals Qualification – PreCoat process
  • AD Chemicals Qualification – MM31

Applicators with an AD Chemicals Qualification:

Do you wish to certify yourself?

The AD Chemicals Qualification program proves that you control the chemical pre-treatment process at the highest possible level and that you know how to work according to all prescribed procedures in terms of quality and safety. You can contact us via the button below to find out whether your company is eligible for the certificate.