Applicators in chemical surface treatment belong to the group of companies with a high energy consumption and are therefore heavily affected by increasing energy costs. On top of that, include the increasing prices for raw materials, stricter legislation regarding the disposal of (waste) water, inflation and the challenging business climate for applicators becomes visible.

At AD Chemicals we look beyond just supplying chemical products. An important philosophy that we have developed over the years is that we need to look at the entire value chain

is an innovative PH-neutral product range for the cleaning step in the chemical pre-treatment process. With these products, metal substrates can be cleaned using less harsh chemicals. Just as important under these challenging market conditions are the savings that can be achieved in the field of energy, chemicals and waste water.

Cost savings 1: energy

Nowadays, many alkaline cleaning processes still run at more than 50 °C and acidic processes at more than 40 °C. Maintaining this temperature results in significant energy costs. This must and can be done differently! With AD’s PH-neutral product range it is possible to switch to a working temperature of 30 °C. The products are suitable for all metal substrates;, steel, galvanized steel and aluminium. By applying this new technology considerable cost savings can be achieved. It is important to mention that in many cases this can be done while retaining your current production processing times.

Cost savings 2: degreasing & etching in one bath for steel

Specifically for applicators who work with steel, an extra saving step can be taken by means of an innovative solution. You can combine the degreasing and etching bath in one bath. By combining these steps, in the process, you save significantly on chemical expenses where only one product for both applications is needed. Another additional advantage is that you can work at a lower temperature, which will reduce your energy costs. Due to the neutral character of the product the maintenance of the installation will be cheaper as well. In short: Combining degreasing and etching into one bath means triple cost savings without major process changes.

Cost savings 3: waste water

The legislation regarding the discharge of waste water is becoming stricter, which also increases the disposal and processing costs. In this area, a cost reduction is also possible by working with PH-neutral chemistry. The application of this chemistry has a positive impact on waste water and its processing. This means you need less chemicals to neutralize waste water, which will result in savings for both chemistry and waste.

A PH neutral process

As a chemical supplier, AD Chemicals considers it important to pay attention to people and the environment. The PH Neutral product range reduces the risks associated with the use of heavy chemicals such as strong acids or alkalis while improving working conditions. The products are widely applicable in spraying lines, dipping lines and high-pressure cleaners for metal substrates, steel, galvanized steel and aluminium.

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