Spuiterij Munsters – MM31

During Materials+Eurofinish+Surface 2021 in the Brabant Hallen, Koen Munsters from Spuiterij Munsters in Deurne received the AD Chemicals Qualification – MM31.

Spuiterij Munsters

Spuiterij Munsters is your partner for of damage repair, straightening technology and painting for all types and sizes of road transport vehicles. They guarantee a high level of quality and service that you can rely on.

What can you expect from certified applicators?

From applicators with the AD Chemicals Qualification you can assume that the products have received a chemical pre-treatment, while maintaining or improving the existing quality in the field of paint adhesion and corrosion protection. The (end) products naturally meet the strict market standards such as Qualicoat, Qualisteelcoat and GSB.