LOA Deege – PreCoat proces

On December 24, 2021, Dennis Gubbels of LOA Deege, part of LOA Full Surface Group, received the AD Chemicals Qualification – PreCoat process.

LOA Full Surface Group

LOA Full Surface Group is the applicator for all types of surface treatment. LOA Deege is the leading specialist in aluminum pre-treatment and powder coating. In order to guarantee quality and knowledge, LOA Deege invests a lot of attention in professional training of employees.

What can you expect from certified applicators?

From applicators with the AD Chemicals Qualification you can assume that the products have received a chemical pre-treatment, while maintaining or improving the existing quality in the field of paint adhesion and corrosion protection. The (end) products naturally meet the strict market standards such as Qualicoat, Qualisteelcoat and GSB.