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    • Succes through long-term partnerships

Become an AD distributor. Partnering with AD means benefiting from the experience and resources of a leader in the field of metal surface treatment chemicals. AD consistently develops its product portfolio with innovations that meet the industry requirements of today and tomorrow, creating value for our customers.
To ensure all customer needs are fulfilled, AD invests in building long-term and profitable partnerships with like-minded distributors. The metal surface treatment experts from the NL HQ work closely together with distributors around to globe to achieve our mission: Replacing chromium(VI) and exceeding the market standard in metal surface treatment.

AD distribution partnership

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Advantages AD distribution partnership

40+ year metal surface treatment experience

Metal surface treatment specialists and dedicated distribution contacts that provide the expertise to meet the highest customer demands.

We are in it for the long run

Over 25 years of industry experience and experience working with distrubitors all over the globe.. AD invests in long-term mutually beneficial relationships.

Future innovation-proof through Advanced Developments

It is in the DNA of AD to create innovative, high-quality chemical products and solutions that are future proof. Corner stone elements in this strategy are lowering environmental impact, improving quality and durability of end products and optimizing process efficiency.

Our basis for strong partnerships; knowledge sharing

Our distribution partners are the linking pin between AD and the end customer. The AD distribution specialists go to great lengths to share their expertise.

  • Dedicated distribution sales experts for joint business development when needed
  • Technological developments and product innovations
  • Industry and market expertise on a global and local scale
  • Access to AD experts at the NL R&D Centre for joint end-customer consultation and tailor made solutions
Global knowledge base through mutual knowledge sharing

Mutual knowledge-sharing; next to the knowledge we bring, we value as no other, the local knowledge and know-how of our distribution partners. Together we can exceed the market standard!

Trained to perform at the highest level

Knowledge is key to providing in-depth consultations and services tailored to individual customers’ needs. Distributor training courses are developed by AD, who are experts in their field.

  • Face-to-face training: one-on-one training from our experts
  • How to guides and whitepapers
  • Webinars
  • Trade exhibitions
  • Marketing materials