About AD

  • AD International is an experienced and reputable partner in metal surface treatments
  • The absolute global leader in chromefree metal surface treatment products
  • Tailored Solutions  – meeting your needs without compromise


AD International has built a reputation for delivering high quality, surface treatment chemistry for metal substrates that add value to industrial processes by meeting customers’ needs to prepare and protect their products.

AD International, founded in 1974, is a valued partner for surface treatment solutions used in industrial processes and for production operations, all tailored to customer specifications in expanding international markets. Through smart system thinking and a complete understanding of the relevant industrial processes, the company has developed an extensive range of products that can be tailored to meet individual demands for a wide range of end-use and in-process applications. Today AD International has more than 44 years of experience in developing, manufacturing and the world wide supply of a wide range of metal surface treatment chemicals. Through its business unit Coil Coating Technologies (CCT) AD supplies metal treatment chemicals for continuous (a.o. coil industry) processes and through the business unit AD Chemicals (ADC) chemicals for batch processes (spray, dip, cascade).

Knowledge driven company

The company draws knowledge and expertise from across the range of its disciplines to provide customers with the best possible advice. AD International is a knowledge-driven company and, as a result, R&D is taking an increasingly prominent place in the organisation. The company has a strong R&D department comprising people from various chemical backgrounds, creating a healthy ecosystem for crossovers that can lead to new insights into both existing and new products. “We are very proud of our highly skilled R&D team which has a typical Dutch mind-set: combining creativity with a pragmatic approach.”
Chemical knowledge and applications lay at the basis of the company and form one of its main assets. Knowledge of the market, clients’ products and their production processes, is key to the company’s competitive position. The focus for the immediate future will be to create a return on investment for all new products through a clear marketing and sales strategy. This should see AD International evolve during that time from a technological company to a market-driven company. On the technology front the focus will be on the refinement of the new conversion layer product for steel and the market introduction of newly developed products.

Mission: Become the global market leader in chromefree metal surface treatments

AD has a mission to become the global market leader in chromium (VI)-free metal surface treatments while enhancing the quality and durability of products. The company has already established this position in Europe and expects that its experience could drive the growth in other areas of the world.
An important driver for this growth is the fact that CCT products are innovative, cost-efficient and exceeding the current market standard in Chromium (VI)-free metal treatments. Manufacturers such as TATA Steel Europe use chemicals of AD International as part of their manufacturing process.
“TATA chose us because of our chrome (VI)-free products and our reliability, quality and high levels of service.”

Staying ahead

Apart from its unique products, AD International distinguishes itself through its close cooperation with customers. Good examples are the recent cooperation with TATA Steel Europe on the PrimeLube treatment where due to co-creation a new unique product was developed that benefits the automotive industry. In short, this product facilitates the manufacturing of stamped components by minimizing known issues in stamping and joining. PLT is a mill-applied surface treatment that reduces tool pollution and galling during stamping and improves the quality of the adhesive bonds, while leaving other processes like spot welding and cleaning unaffected.
With these strong partnerships AD International can not only develop new products but also redesign the production process in which it participates. Such collaborative investment pays off in the form of better relations, better products and a better price.

Advanced Development philosophy

The letters ‘AD’ in the company name stand for ‘Advanced Development’. The name was chosen because the chemical products and services the company offers, require advanced knowledge, advanced research and development and a continuous focus on improvement of processes and innovation. This is made possible by advanced and highly skilled personnel, who can ensure AD meets future customer demands. “Advanced Development is, in every aspect, part of our company DNA.”